Who is Amanda "The Diet Helper"?

I used to weight 195 lbs - from years of bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, and depression. Fed up with the excessive weight, sub-par love life and health risk, I vowed to lose weight and keep it off.

Through gradual and steady improvement, I lost 80lbs over the course of 2 years through simple, healthly eating habits and moderate exercise. Now I currently weight 120 lbs at 5'6 and work as a fitness instructor at Good Gym in Minneapolis.

In my spare time I updates this website, answer the reader's emails and hangs out with my friends.

I have tried every single diet out there!

Diets work for the short term ... sure, but then I gained back the weight. The "secret" is the healthy eating habit - knowing what to eat, when to eat, and moderate exercise. I don't go to the gym (never will) but I do exercise outside, about 4 times per week.

By eating right, I have lost 80 lbs over the years. Losing weight is a battle but I'm here to help you.

Diet pills do work!

Diet pills isn't the "cure all" but it does help suppress hunger, and "burn" fat. Pills like ephedra is known to burn fat and boost energy.

So if you're looking to lose 30 pounds, diet pills can be the supplement you're looking for. Diet pills is great, at $40 per bottle it's affordable. You can learn more about ephedra here.

Diet pills is a "short cut" to weight loss if you don't abuse it.

Thanks for reading this website! I enjoy helping you, please tell your friend about my website :)

Much love,

PS: Let me be your voice that guide you, so you can melt off that 5, 10, 20, 50 pounds! If you haven't signed up for my free weight loss e-Course, it's recommended :)

Compensation Disclosure: I get some money when you buy products I recommend. This helps pay for the web site hosting and maintaince. (Finally - I can afford my Starbucks addiction)